Our Services

The Netwatch Group offers 2 core services:

•    Monitoring for your Business 
•    Monitoring for your Home

Both of these services are offered on a managed service basis. The managed service offering is on the basis of a fixed daily fee which includes full installation of the Netwatch alarm monitoring system, software updates, maintenance where necessary and the Netwatch monitoring service during and outside of usual hours of business.




Netwatch for Business - Building and skyline   Homewatch - Hands protecting house

The Netwatch Business Security System is specifically designed for commercial and business premises. Netwatch uses a multi-camera system to protect your business premises, your valuable assets and employees. We will complete a full security survey of your commercial property and then advise on the best technology to meet your specific requirements. Intervention Specialists at our remotely located Communication Hub monitor your cameras and intervene as soon as security is breached alerting the intruders to the fact that they are being watched and that the authorities have been informed.


The Netwatch System for Private Residents is designed to protect your home, your belongings and your most valuable assets; your loved ones. The Netwatch security system uses advanced CCTV camera technology, strategically and discreetly installed, to ensure optimum monitoring of your home.
In contrast to traditional burglar alarms, the Netwatch system is designed to detect potential intruders before they enter your residence, thus reducing the risk of theft, attack or violent encounter, making you and your loved ones more secure.



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