Managed Services

The Netwatch Managed Service model is unique to the visual monitoring market. For the customer, it means:

One fixed daily fee

No upfront capital spend

No hidden costs

Total Tax Efficiency

Lifetime warranty & service guarantee

Recognition by all major insurance providers

The very latest technology

Complete peace of mind

Contractors meeting and shaking hands

The pricing of the Netwatch Managed Service on a fixed daily fee basis means that customers can budget more accurately, without any doubts over the cost involved. The agreed daily fee includes:

Full installation of the Netwatch alarm monitoring system as per customer agreement

Updates to the software as they become available

Lifetime service on all equipment provided

Lifetime warranty on all equipment provided

Netwatch monitoring service outside usual hours of business

Netwatch utilises the most advanced technology to secure the premises of clients. The system has been proven across thousands of customer sites worldwide, where Netwatch has prevented over 35,000 crimes to date. Furthermore, the Netwatch Managed Service model means that security is managed on an accountable and cost effective basis. We are fully confident that our system offers customers the ultimate security solution and complete peace of mind.

Netwatch partners with client Netwatch plots best Security plan CCTV Hardware installed 24/7 Remote Monitoring begins

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