The Netwatch System uses the most advanced remote CCTV monitoring technologies including proprietary audio visual detection software, wireless perimeter security cordons, personal protection equipment and GPS tracking in order to protect both individuals and premises.

From the moment a perimeter is breached, live footage of the site is streamed back to our Communications Hub where our dedicated team of Intervention Specialists are directing operations remotely. They issue a live audio warning to intruders informing them that they have been detected, are being monitored live and that Police have been notified of their presence and are en route.

Close up of monitor Netwatch team member typing Netwatch team in front of screens

In the majority of cases the intruders will flee the site upon receiving the audio warning. If this does not happen, Intervention Specialists continue to monitor their presence and movements until the Police arrive and then direct them to the intruder’s whereabouts.

The Netwatch System is designed to give the client complete peace of mind as:

• All intrusions are visually verified to avoid any false alarms

• All intruders are detected before they can damage property

• Live personalised audio warnings deter any further criminal activity

Netwatch Communication Hub

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