How and Why

Netwatch Communication Hub   Niall Kelly & David Walsh


The Netwatch mission is to "create a fearless environment" for all of our customers. Over the ten years since its inception, we have invested heavily in research and development. This is to ensure that we are utilising the most advanced CCTV and video processing technologies, in order to provide complete protection for customers. Internally, Netwatch has developed their own R&D function in conjunction with CLARITY: Centre for Sensor Web Technologies from Dublin City University. Netwatch has emerged as a market leader in innovative technological solutions and in cutting down false alarms.

In recent years, Netwatch has switched its service offering from a capital based solution to a managed service solution, offering significant benefits to thousands of customers worldwide. The managed service offering requires no upfront capital outlay and is based on one fixed daily fee. Netwatch ensures that a client"s technology is installed, maintained and serviced to the highest standard and that detection software is continually improved and updated so that it never becomes obsolete or redundant. Netwatch also integrates all systems through one interface so that it is easy to use. Our complete management of the system can be left to Netwatch Intervention Specialists to manage remotely from our Communication Hub, to make our clients life as easy as possible.



Netwatch was established in 2003 when a mutual friend of founders David Walsh and Niall Kelly was viciously attacked after responding to what he believed was a standard false alarm at his place of business. Following this attack, both David and Niall committed to make certain that an individual would never again have to walk blindly into a real-life crime scenario, and created Netwatch, Europe's first remote visual monitoring company.

The Netwatch value proposition means peace of mind for customers that their home or business, and more importantly their families and employees, are securely protected. Netwatch can provide clients with a system which can unobtrusively visually monitor the perimeter of their home or business premises around the clock, providing a level of security which cannot be found anywhere else.

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