The Netwatch Solution


Netwatch has a unique understanding of the specific security, compliance and business needs of customers. The rate of growth verifies the scalability of the Netwatch technology and the retention of customers demonstrates positive service and relationships. 

The custom alarm technology built into the Netwatch Solution defends businesses against intrusion and liability claims. We provide a turnkey, cost-effective and dependable security system to reduce crime and support business continuity.

The Netwatch Solution enables clients to proactively manage the risk of unforeseen, unplanned or unknown physical security threats that impact on business reputation, continuity or performance. As a technology-led service, it helps create secure business environments. Proprietary technology, excellent infrastructure and pioneering people provide a service that will:

  • Improve security agility to help overall business performance
  • Enhance overall employee experience
  • Add value as a management tool
  • Comply with government data and insurance regulations
  • Scale seamlessly

Our Technology

Netwatch has the truly unique advantage of an in-house R&D department, Netwatch Visual Labs (NVL). To remain a leader in the market and maintain our position, we develop and deploy our own software. NVL has developed the CRATOS suite of software that enables the most effective detection and transmission on the market.

Netwatch’s filtering software is unlike any other technology. CRATOS proprietary software is specifically designed to filter out nuisance alarms, thus providing industry leading response times to real security breaches. This allows our Netwatch Intervention Specialists to work to the highest standards in the industry.

Our technology:

  • Combines cutting edge video processing technology with the most advanced software receiving platform
  • Is designed to reliably and rapidly detect unauthorised intruders on our protected client sites
  • Enables high-powered video processing
  • Streamlines flow of live incidents across thousands of sites
  • Removes nuisance alarms
  • Enables faster response times
  • Ensures an effective system at all time through automatic system health checks



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