Who We Are

The Netwatch Group

The Netwatch mission is to "create a fearless environment" – one where people feel safe and secure in their business or home environment. When Netwatch founders Niall Kelly and David Walsh's mutual friend was viciously attacked after responding to an alarm call in 2002, both men surmised that there must be a security system that ensures an individual would never again have to experience a situation whereby he or she would walk blindly into a real-life crime scenario. The incident starkly highlighted to both of them, the short-comings of traditional security systems.

Prompted by this reality, in late 2002, David and Niall decided to research the possibility of devising a pro-active alarm monitoring system, using new video transmission technology. After trawling the globe, the pair found potential in an Australia-based company who specialised in this area, predominantly for military installations. The Australian company, impressed with the pair's tenacity and enthusiasm, agreed to a pilot scheme to modify the technology they use to incorporate the features identified as being critical to a commercial application.


The system was a vast step forward in the protection of key-holders. Not only could Netwatch now visually confirm via CCTV camera systems if a criminal was on-site, but they could detect him before he reached his intended target and intervene by issuing a live personalised audio warning advising him to leave the area.

The Netwatch system is more effective than CCTV, an alarm and a security guard combined, as it allows visual recognition to determine a real crime from a false alarm. Netwatch can remotely alert the authorities to any unauthorised activity at a client's property, which negates the necessity to place a business owner, key holder or security personnel in danger.

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