Corporate Social Responsibility

David Walsh and Kathleen O'Toole

At Netwatch we acknowledge our corporate social responsibility and the positive impact Netwatch can have on the lives of our clients, the communities we work in and our environment. As a growing member of the global community, Netwatch understands that it has a unique social responsibility. Netwatch at all times strives to ensure our clients remain as safe and secure as possible, while at the same time contributing positively to the local economies and the environments we operate in wherever possible.

Our Customers:

We are extremely fortunate to have an intimate relationship with our entire customer base worldwide. This close relationship ensures that we receive quality feedback, which enables us to shape and fashion our services for individual client requirements. At Netwatch, our main priority is the safety and security of all of our clients. We are constantly redefining and adapting our service offering in order to develop more intelligent and effective security solutions for our valued customers.

David Walsh and Kathleen O'Toole Bill Clinton and David Walsh Enda Kenny, David Walsh and Mick promoting Cycle for Haiti

Our Community:

Netwatch are fully committed to supporting the communities in which we operate. Each year, employees in each of our offices, are involved in many fundraising activities for these deserving causes, such as:

  • The Special Olympics
  • Soul of Haiti Foundation
  • Goal
  • St. Vincent de Paul
Soul of Haiti Foundation Goal Jersey Day RTE Toy Appeal

Our Employees:

Netwatch believes that it is vital to conduct business with the highest standards of integrity, and holds a strong commitment to support all of our employees in ensuring they act always in an efficient and ethical manner. At all times, Netwatch employees operate with a polite, courteous, neat and efficient attitude towards their work and their clients. People are our most important asset and we encourage a lifelong attitude to training throughout the entire organisation. We organise and fund many additional technical courses for our staff and front-line staff are also trained in customer service.

Our Environment:

Netwatch is committed to protecting the environment. Netwatch strive to reduce the impact of our operations by continuously developing environmentally friendly technical solutions and limiting the natural resources we use.

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